Professional products

Mixtures and flours for incredible results, fragrant and tasty products, dedicated to professional bakers.
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Flour for domestic use

High quality mixtures for making bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, biscuits and pastries for the home baker. Buy them here.
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Featured products

La Biorganic

Organic soft wheat flour

Soft wheat flour obtained from organic farming; is able to meet all professional needs, and is ideal for all preparations. 25 kg packs

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For fresh pasta or filled pasta

Flour with low ash content obtained from particular grinding extractions of soft wheat. Specially used for the preparation of egg pasta and filled one.

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Anima di grano

With wheat germ

Type 0 flour that contains wheat germ: high quantity of vitamins and mineral salts that promote yeast growth and make fermentation more complete and controlled. For perfectly, aerated, fragrant and superior dough mixtures.

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All the goodness of einkorn

Celtica flour is obtained from the extraction of selected grains, which allows making products with a special aroma and fragrance, rich in important vitamins and trace elements found the carioxide.

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Incredibly genuine

A “full-bodied” product that maintains the wholesome quality of wheat, preserving all its natural characteristics. Very rich in fibre, protein, and vitamins, with less carbohydrates. For aromatic, fragrant and easily digestible products.

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The quality of stone-ground flour

Suitable for all types of dough mixtures, simple, velvety, and more. It is also perfect for professional use to make crunchy products with a perfect golden colour. Especially ideal for bread, focaccia and pizza.

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The "Senza Glutine"

Genuine gluten free taste

Exclusive blends for gluten-free products. The high workability and the ability to give good grip and elasticity to the dough make it ideal for the preparation of good and fragrant baking specialties, such as traditional ones.

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We promote and participate in advanced training courses, competitions and food events

We believe in real and ongoing training as a tool to promote and consolidate “Made in Italy” goodness and quality. For this reason, we organise and promote advanced training courses organised by the best baking associations in Italy and abroad. We are also suppliers for numerous food competitions in Italy and around the world.

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la community

Your stories. Our community

Every day, many people use our flour in Italy and around the world to create good, wholesome food. All of them share the passion for what they do and the love for good things, like the products they make. And it is the love for good things that keeps us all together like a big family.

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