A story of family

We were here before the car, before the television, before the smartphone. The Piantoni Family’s Milling Company’s history began in the far 1850.
Five generations have undertaken a search for quality, offering a constant improvement. In the course of time the company has been on the cutting-edge thanks to new solutions for products, to the evolution of the market requirements along with innovation through lab researches.

Molino Piantoni is located in Chiari (Bs) in the heart of Lombardy, in a fertile area which has over 600 years of history in the art of milling. It is a company with an Italian heart, and since all raw material working stages take place in our mill, the products are the essence of what is known as Made in Italy. Due to its undeniable warrant of top quality, the company has reached a highly respected position within the international framework so that it now represents an important reference point for foreign markets. To represent the Made in Italy it’s a great responsibility since it means to bear the name of Italy and its production all around the world in different sectors and particularly in that of pizza.

Why choose us

Values and professional ethics

Molino Piantoni is the ideal partner for sectors such as (industry, baking, pizza and confectionery). Thanks to the family’s strength who runs the company, the spirit of service and last but not least to tailored solutions.


Always at your beck and call from after-sales service, post sales service to anything concerning the product.


It is the main pillar upon which the company has been built over the years.


We invest every instant in different resources for the products innovation and processes that respond to the market evolution.

Custom-made solutions

We build specific solutions standing by the customer so as to fulfil them.


We work to humour the client’s requests and as a consequence to optimise time from design to delivery.


150 years of history have made the brand a recognized, respected and appreciated name within the frame of reference of the field.


Highly competitive on the market, offers a top quality product at a good price.


Our production process

Blending flours is an art and this distinguish ourselves in the market since it is essential to be able to combine experience, skills and technology in order to elaborate specific products.
Molino Piantoni in time, has built up a wide range of products, from soft wheat flours to the sale of flours of other grains, to the mix of classic and natural making. Based on a long-standing experience, the company selects and purchases different types of wheat according to both the market requirements and quality principles.


Innovation passes through here

The lab is the heart of Molino, since it is the crucial point where the main analysis and development activities of raw material and end product take place.

Checks are divided in three categories according to the area of interest of the analysis: chemical-physics, rheological and microbiological.

Chemical-physics check

Encompasses presence of impurities visual and olfactory test, humidity, ashes, gluten, hectolitre weight for wheat

Rheological check

Encompasses falling number, Alveolus Chopin Flour Brabender Extensograph

Microbiological check

Encompasses the determination of total bacterial load, yeasts and molds, coliforms and salmonella. It is carried out by both the company’s labs and periodically by accredited external lab which also deals with the check of heavy metals, the determination of phytodrugs and that of residual antiparasitics.

Humidity control
Brabender Farinograph
Falling Number
Brabender Extensograph
Protein Analysis
Ash Analysis

Such checks are carried out in different stages of the production, both on incoming goods and outgoing goods.

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