Safety means quality

The Molino Piantoni Company has implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, and also has a process control system (HACCP), an environmental system, a quality system and a safety system.



The IKU certification is regulated by the Kosher Certification Body. It certifies that the company produces products in compliance with the strict laws imposed by Jewish culture and that, for this reason, can sell its products to Jewish people and within Jewish territories.


The IFS certification responds to the need to create a unified quality assurance standard valid for all products for wholesale and retail distribution, and for all levels of production in which foods are processed. It especially applies to food transformation and processing, the processing of bulk products and the activities performed during their initial packaging.


The BRC certification, a global standard for agri-food safety, is one of the operating tools used for carrying out due diligence and for selecting suppliers of the agri-food chain. This approach helps to reduce the overall costs of management of the supply chain and, at the same time, increase the level of safety for customers, suppliers and consumers.The BRC global standard for agri-food safety satisfies the criteria established by the Global Food Safety Initiative of the CIES. It is the standard accepted by the majority of retailers of agri-food products, in the same way as other sector-specific standards such as IFS, SQF and FSCC 22000.


Excellence is achieved together

We believe that teamwork and collaboration between different companies are the key ingredients to achieving excellence and quality. Over the years, we have worked closely with important local companies and associations, and we are official suppliers for renowned bakers worldwide.


The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) was founded in June 1984 in Naples, where it is based. It is a non-profit organisation that promotes and protects, in Italy and worldwide, the “true Neapolitan Pizza” i.e. the typical product made according to the characteristics described in the International Regulations for obtaining the collective brand “True Neapolitan Pizza” in force since 1984 and drafted and registered by AVPN.
Molino Piantoni is the official supplier of AVPN with the type “00 MD” flour for pizzas


Molino Piantoni has joined forces with Antica Terra and Tradizioni Padane, to create a business network focused on improving the quality of the food we eat every day.
This network, promoted by Molino Piantoni as a result of its collaboration with the Civil Hospitals of Brescia, aims at studying einkorn-based products with high nutritional value, suitable for healthy diets and for people with food intolerances.


The business network sees the involvement of other companies in Lombardy, such as the Laboratory Vailati and Molino Bresciano.
The network requires its members to identify a strategic resource within the market of Food Destined For Special Diets on which to base the future developments of their businesses.
The research activity is primarily aimed at implementing new product lines for high quality flours and at developing new analysis and control systems to ensure that the industry standards are reached on a daily basis.


The collaboration with the University and Civil Hospitals of Brescia allows experimenting with the use of einkorn flour in order to make healthy and genuine food products with high nutritional value. The aim is to verify the quality features of einkorn flour from a health perspective, as a solution to enrich the daily diet and to give the body all the nutrition it needs, without weighing it down or damaging it.

Attention and care

Sustainability & Environment

It has been 10 years since Molino Piantoni took up a path of reorganization of the whole company which was oriented towards the planning as well as the implementation of Environmental Management Systems.

We work in such a way that factors of environmental impact be in compliance with regulations making sure not to impair the site hydrology.
Furthermore, we check and monitor the well water quality, the smoke and dust emission in the atmosphere, the waste disposal in full compliance with sustainability, noises emissions in the environment. We are also sensitive to energy-saving.