La farina per pizza di Molino Piantoni protagonista del nuovo libro di Ciro Salatiello, “Gli ingredienti di una vita“.
Molino Piantoni pizza flour is star of the new book by Ciro Salatiello, “Gli ingredienti di una vita” (The ingredients of a life). The chef of Calcio Napoli has chosen Molino Piantoni flour for the pizza recipe in his brand new book. A choice that once again demonstrates the quality of this professional flour, which has succeeded in finding a place of prestige even in the heart of Neapolitan traditions.
On the pages of this stylish guide, Chef Salatiello takes us on a culinary journey through traditional cuisine, creating a rich narrative told through unique photographic images. Molino Piantoni pizza flour was used in the section dedicated to the “classic home-made oven-baked pizza”.

Ciro Salatiello is not only Calcio Napoli’s cook, he is also chef of the Marina di Castello Resort in Castelvolturno. An experienced chef, in his work he always tries to find a balance between tradition and innovation, without ever neglecting to express the Neapolitan essence of his cuisine.

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