Bread is a fundamental foodstuff and has always been a protagonist on the Italian table.

From Sicily to Valle D’Aosta, each region has its own bread and its variations, the result of popular tradition and local raw materials. There are many types of bread in Italy, an estimated more than 250.

Thanks to the collaboration between Coldiretti, Sindaco Panificatori di Brescia e Provincia and Molino Piantoni, a new variant of bread has been created that will be added to the long list mentioned above: “el Panadì” is born, the all-Brescia bread in the shape of an embrace, the symbol of a period of change such as the one we are living through and which is nourished by the desire to start again together from the simplest, most everyday and genuine things.

Molino Piantoni welcomes the ‘el Panadì’ project with enthusiasm and participation,” explains Claudia Piantoni, sales manager, “with the intention of enhancing the supply chain in the Brescia area and actively contributing to strengthening the culture of ‘daily bread’ as a characteristic and distinctive element of the Italian family tradition.”

For the time being, there are only seven bakeries where Brescian bread can be bought, the result of more than two years of study that have led to the creation of a safe, certified and good product.

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