One of the latest developments to concern the activities of Molino Piantoni is the important collaboration with the Ospedali Civili di Brescia (Civilian Hospitals of Brescia). The goal of Molino Piantoni has always been to create superior quality flours that have unique characteristics for each specific type of use.




This is not its only goal: its aim is also to focus on everything that concerns personal health and care, aspects of vital importance when dealing with food and cooking.

The collaboration with Ospedali Civili di Brescia is a confirmation of the love, professionalism and attention that Molino Piantoni, with its centennial experience, gives to achieve these goals.

This collaboration envisages experimenting with einkorn flour to make healthy and wholesome food products that are also highly nutritious.

The einkorn plant, from the gramineae family, has been cultivated by man since 750 BC.

It is a medium-sized plant and the ears, which develop in about 11 months, generally contain only one grain.

Einkorn flour has unique properties: it has a low levels of gluten, low rising and is very suitable for producing foods with a high nutritional profile. It contains 19.3% protein, 94.40 g/kg of Vitamin E and 41.70 mg/kg iron.

The final goal of the collaboration between Molino Piantoni and Ospedali Civili di Brescia is therefore to verify the workability of einkorn flour, in terms of quality and not quantity, for health reasons and as a solution for enriching our daily diet and giving our body all the nourishment it needs without damaging it or gaining weight.

The collaboration will last for a minimum period of about 12 months.

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