SIGEP 2018: international success for Molino Piantoni

Posted on 26 January 2018

The experience of Molino Piantoni at SIGEP ended a few hours ago, but emotions remain high for the five intense days spent at the Rimini Exhibition Centre.

In fact, the 39th International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World has given, especially with this edition, a strong impetus to the “Made in Italy” sector worldwide. Record numbers were reached: a total of almost 210 thousand visitors, of which over 32 thousand from 180 foreign countries. Plus, 1,250 exhibitors, competitors in international competitions, guests and participants in the academies. All this with more than a thousand official side events and a following of 940 accredited journalists. This growth proves that artisanal and high quality production that can instill confidence in a sector and country that clearly needs it, especially during this historical period.

This same optimism and motivation to always give more is at the root of Molino Piantoni’s philosophy. In this edition the company once again succeeded in increasing the number of visitors to its stand and in promoting its products, which are the result of quality and tradition, including the newest product, “La Completa”, a mixture of flours with cereals and legumes.

In this regard, it is really important to thank everyone who has contributed to this umpteenth success. Firstly, the Maestros Franco Pepe, Gianni Mazza, Armando Palmieri and Alessandro Servidio, whose availability and professionalism during the event allowed giving the right value to each product. Secondly, the various staff members who contributed to the perfect success of the performances, which attracted visitors and wholesalers to the stand from every corner of Italy. Finally, the journalist Luigi Franchi, a food and wine expert and supporter of Italian quality.

IImportant results come from passion and sincere and real skills: this is the case with Molino Piantoni. A story of simplicity and love for one’s work, which lives on every day in healthy and unique products. These characteristics have once again been appreciated and recognised by the market.

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