Professional flours
Made in Italy
Mixtures and flours for incredible results, fragrant and tasty products, dedicated to professional bakers.

The essence of Italian tradition
loved all over the world


Molino Piantoni, faithful to centuries-old traditions since 1850, embodies Italian excellence in the production of professional flours for pizza, pasta and pastries. Our mill masterfully combines tradition and innovation, offering Made in Italy flours synonymous with international quality. We are more than a company, we are ambassadors of Made in Italy throughout the world, representing a philosophy that is reflected in each product. Choose Molino Piantoni for a perfect combination of past and future in your kitchen.

Made in Italy

We are a company with an Italian heart that manufactures Made in Italy products

Present in 20 countries

Level position and reference point for foreign markets

Customisable blends

Possibility of creating customised flours for pizza, pasta and pastries

Professional flours for pizza

Thanks to decades of experience in direct contact with pizza makers throughout Italy, we have developed product solutions designed to fully satisfy the professional needs of the sector: in particular, 00 MD flour has been approved by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association and for this reason We are registered as official suppliers.

Professional flours for pasta

A line of high-quality flours, easy to knead and suitable for daily use, to bring the pleasure of the "healthy tradition of flavors" to the tables of lovers of genuine cuisine.

Professional flours for pastry

The constant search for quality pushes us towards new paths, where innovation, however together with traditional flavors, is an essential and necessary part of development. We have developed specific solutions for all lines, from shortbread to puff pastry, from croissant to panettone.


Values and professional ethics

Molino Piantoni is the ideal partner in the reference sectors (industry, bakery, pizzeria and pastry shop), thanks to the strength of the family that manages the company, the spirit of service and tailored solutions.


Always available, from technical support to product and after-sales.


It is the essential pillar on which the company has been built over the years.


We invest all our time and various resources in the innovation of products and processes that respond to market evolution.


We build specific solutions standing by the customer so as to fulfil them.


We work to humour the client’s requests and as a consequence to optimise time from design to delivery.


150 years of history have made the brand a recognized, respected and appreciated name within the frame of reference of the field.

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