Molino Piantoni in Vanity Fair

Posted on 4 September 2017 Category:

Vanity Fair, the magazine focused on current affairs, culture, fashion and politics, talked about Molino Piantoni and its flour products in a recent article of August 2017.

In the news section, the journalistic publication talked about Franco Pepe, his latest creation Nativa, and the important part played by Molino Piantoni in the creation of this innovative product.

The dough of the Nativa pizza is prepared by the professional pizzamaker Franco Pepe with pure Shebar® flour, made with einkorn grown by Molino Piantoni in the plains of Brescia and Lombardy.

Thanks to the synergy between Molino Piantoni, the Maestro of Caiazzo and the University of Bresica, the ancient einkorn plant was rediscovered to offer everyone a light, digestible, fragrant and genuine product with unrivalled taste and flavour.

The Nativa pizza is thin, crispy and friable, and comes with a vegetarian topping of avocado humus and Cicerale chickpeas, tomatoes and a few sprouts of wild rocket for a mild note of acidity and freshness.

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