Molino Piantoni partners Pizza Festival Lombardia

Posted on 15 April 2015

The flavours, fragrance and excellence of a real Neapolitan pizza will be protagonists for five days at the Velodrome of Cesano Maderno thanks to the Pizza Festival Lombardia. Thousands of pizzas will be prepared with the Flour for Pizza made by Molino Piantoni, sponsor of the event.

The Festival, involving Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, will take place on an area of 5,000 m2 and the ovens will be strictly wood-fired.



The flour used will be Molino Piantoni flour, which is obtained by milling particular selected wheat varieties. The dough obtained has excellent hydration, is light and easy to stretch, and is therefore ideal for making fragrant pizzas with excellent digestibility.

Among the unique features of a Neapolitan pizza, it should be remembered that:
– The circular dough base should only be stretched by hand. This ensures the movement of air from the centre to the outside of the dough, which will remain puffier and form the cornicione (edge crust) while cooking.
– The ingredients used must preferably come from the Campania region.
– The pizza should be cooked directly on the surface of the wood-fired oven, not in a pan, for 60-90 seconds.
– The pizza must be easy to fold over onto itself (like a book) with a cornicione of 1-2 cm, puffy, with a golden colour and free from or with only very few bubbles and burnt bits. On lifting up one side of the pizza, the underside should also be golden in colour and without obvious signs of burning.
– The pizza must be round, with a diameter of no more than 35 cm, a raised edge (cornicione) and a central part with a maximum thickness of 4 mm. In the centre, the red of the tomato, which has been amalgamated with oil, and, in the Marinara pizza, the green of the oregano and white of the garlic, and, in the Margherita pizza, the white of the mozzarella and green of the basil leaves, should be clearly visible.
– Olfactory aroma. A pizza that has just been taken out of the oven has the smell of fresh bread, the acidulous notes of tomato, and mozzarella, the fruity and spicy flavour of oil and garlic, and the herbaceous scent of fresh basil and oregano.

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