Molino Piantoni will supply its flours during the International Pizza Challenge, a competitive event organised by Pizza Italian Academy, the Italian pizza school which for years has trained and instructed professional pizza chefs.

This year the event will be held on 23rd February in Brescia, in Capriolo, to be more precise, a town located in the renowned area of Franciacorta.

Molino Piantoni has been chosen by the event organisers as the supplier of various flours, providing further confirmation of the excellence and unique Italian quality of the products from this Brescian company.

During the competition, professional pizza chefs from all over Italy will challenge each other to produce the best pizza. They will be assessed by a panel of selected judges, who will vote on each product and, at the end of the event, declare the winner.

Many prizes will be awarded, including several kilos of flour for pizza made by Molino Piantoni.

The professionals competing, in particular the winners, will therefore have the opportunity to test the quality and workability of the pizza flours made by the Brescian mill, flours that guarantee a superior yield and unique flavour to pizzas and other flour-based products.

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