Molino Piantoni flours can now be found on the shelves in Large Scale retail outlets. A new great challenge that the Piantoni wanted to face in order to extend its client base and, who knows, to cross over the national borders.

An article in the Giornale di Brescia states: “Piantoni has created three types of flour and three distinct brands for this ambitious project”. They are the “Serenissima, “Celtica” and “Farina per Pizza” brands. They will be on sale from February, and many Italian supermarket chains have already expressed their interest.

In their Chiari factory, Molino Piantoni is currently installing new bagging machines able to package – as the article states – half a kilo, one kilo and 10 kilos of flour in modified atmosphere.

As stated, there will be three brands in the supermarkets: “Serenissima” stone ground flour, “Celtica” containing a mixture of soft wheat and Shebar einkorn flour cultivated in the province of Brescia, and “Farina per Pizza”.

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