The health benefits of Einkorn in our daily diet have led various companies in Brescia – an historic area of this ancient plant – to collaborate with each other: Molino Piantoni and other companies in Brescia have formed the Food Community of Shebar® Einkorn wheat of the Pianura Bresciana, promoted by Antica Terra. 

The cultivation of einkorn wheat dates back to about 10,000 years ago, and it flourishes best in clayey soil watered with lots of rain. These characteristics abound in the Po Valley and foster the production of high quality, genuine Einkorn wheat.

It is ideal for making bread, fresh and dried pasta, shortbread and is also used to brew beer. It contains plenty of carotenoids and has good nutritional value, as well as a distinctive aroma.

Molino Piantoni has made it possible to sow einkorn in the fields around Molino. It was initially believed that the properties of this wheat were an effective and safe way to combat celiac disease.

After extensive studies and trials conducted by Molino Piantoni and the Civil Hospitals of Brescia, the organoleptic characteristics of einkorn wheat have proven to be particularly suitable for people who are wheat intolerant and for the population in general.

The production of Shebar® einkorn wheat continues with effort, commitment and focus in order to discover all its beneficial properties and applications to produce healthier flour mixtures and foods suitable for the nutritional requirements of people.

Molino Piantoni has joined forces with Antica Terra, Aesse Ambiente, Tradizioni Padane and Babb to form the community of Shebar® Einkorn wheat of the Pianura Bresciana, a network of companies that strives to improve the quality of the food we eat.

For more information, download the brochure.

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