For years now, Molino Piantoni and AVPN have been working together to enhance the tradition of true Neapolitan pizza.

In this interview Molino Piantoni talks about new challenges, successful flours and opens a window on the future of Neapolitan pizza in relation to his own company.

Finally, dwelling on the difficult period we are facing, he advises pizza makers to value their identity and always believe in themselves.

Q: With what spirit did you approach the world of Neapolitan Pizza and the Association?

We approached this world some time ago in the conviction that pizza is an Italian heritage that we believe should always be defended and valorised. Moreover, the Association could represent an opportunity for us to grow through new ways of visibility and shared projects in an area as important for pizza culture as Naples.

Q: How do you see the future of Neapolitan Pizza and how do you intend to approach it?

We believe that the future is increasingly oriented towards quality and excellence, two characteristics that also distinguish Molino Piantoni’s products and way of working.

Q: What is your most successful product in the pizza world and why do you think?

Honestly, there are many. Starting with MD 00 flour – the one certified by the Association – but also other types with which pizza makers can create their own customised blends. We believe that at the basis of this success are some distinctive characteristics, starting with versatility, which is important to meet the different needs of pizza makers, but also consistency over time.

Q: In how many countries are your products distributed and what new markets are you approaching?

Molino Piantoni is now present in many countries, particularly in North America, in most of Europe and also in Australia. Among the new markets that we are approaching, it may seem paradoxical, is China because we have noticed a growing need for quality and a greater awareness of the value of Italian products on the part of this market.

Q: What advice do you feel like giving pizzerias to face this particular moment?

The advice we give is to focus on the quality of the workmanship and all the raw materials to create an extraordinary pizza: from the flour to the other excellences of Made in Italy. In addition, we think that every pizza maker must emphasise his own identity and distinctive characteristics without necessarily observing what others do. You have to believe more in yourself: the public will appreciate it.

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