It was a Sigep with many and varied flavours and traditions for Molino Piantoni. A Sigep under the banner of first-rate ingredients, guests, professionals and master pizza and pastry chefs who transformed the Molino Piantoni stand into a veritable stage for tasty specialities.

Gourmet pizzas, pizzas in pala, cream puffs and desserts, international pizzas, fried pizzas and unique recipes that have toured the world, presented and narrated by the direct protagonists, friends of the large Molino Piantoni family. The names are well known in their respective sectors: Luigi Marra, Biagio Fazzi, Antonio Cupo, Armando Palmieri, Gabriele Gianotti, Alessio Russolillo and the brothers Carlo and Leonardo Melucci, each of whom arrived at Sigep with their own professional story and specialities.

And this year the International Exhibition of Gelato, Pastry, Artisan Bakery and Coffee marked its personal success in terms of attendance: over 200 thousand professional operators, 33 thousand buyers from 187 countries, led by Spain, Germany and France, but also many from Asia and the Americas.

The six key words that acted as a fil rouge for this 41st edition were: quality, Italianness, innovation, expertise, design and passion, ergo the same guidelines that indicate the present and future of Molino Piantoni, its work and its products.

In this context, Molino Piantoni flours carved out their own space, becoming the main ingredients for the specialities prepared by the various guests. All this with a large audience that surrounded the Molino Piantoni stand for all five days of the Fair.

But let us go in order of attendance. Once again this year, Armando Palmieri, a master of international fame in the pastry sector, delighted the eyes and palates with his pastry art and his continuous research. His filled cream puffs, biscuits and babas with cream spoke for him, as did his book, presented at the Molino Piantoni stand: ‘Pastry in 101 Questions (and Solutions)’.

From sweet to savoury (or maybe not) with Maestro Pizzaiolo Antonio Cupo and his gourmet pizzas, pizza in pala and his sweet pizza.

With Luigi Marra, on the other hand, fried pizza arrived at the Molino Piantoni stand, dense with flavour and with a discovery of flavours inside.

Biagio Fazzi, directly from beyond the Alps, brought his story with ‘Mia Svizzera’, a pizza with which he won the pizza star championship in the regional category in Florence in 2019.

A large space was also dedicated to gluten-free pizza with pizza expert Alessio Russolillo. Pizza prepared naturally with Molino Piantoni’s La Senza Glutine.

The Melucci brothers, direct from Palma de Mallorca, brought an explosion of flavours with their gourmet and sweet pizzas.

Gabriele Gianotti, with his Giglio Soul pizza and pizza in pala version, closed the Molino Piantoni showcooking. A closure in beauty, indeed tasty, since the Giglio Soul allowed Gianotti to win the API’s Italy in a Pizza Tour 2019 competition.

So many faces, smiles, curiosities, encounters, flavours and experiences that once again told the story of Molino Piantoni’s spirit, made of simplicity, passion, research and love for one’s work. To all the friends and professionals who made this Sigep unique and great, goes the thanks of the entire staff and a goodbye to Sigep 2021.

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