Molino has won the Shebar brand

Posted on 5 June 2014

Molino Piantoni is the first mill in Lombardy to use Shebar flour in its already extensive range of flours. A choice dictated by the desire to offer a complete service in line with the demands of consumers who increasingly seek out healthy foods.

In fact, Shebar einkorn wheat – whose origins date back to circa 10,000 BC – is highly nutritious and wholesome due to the high content of protein (between 15 and 20%) and antioxidants (vitamin A and vitamin E).

Grown in the past mainly in Turkey and the Balkans, it is now also cultivated in the Pianura Bresciana.

This is the result of the project “Monococco per l’innovazione cerealicola ed alimentare” (Einkorn for Grain and Food Innovation), also known as MonICA. The project began in 2008 by the initiative of the Lombardy Region. The MonICA project studies the potential agronomic, technological and nutritional properties of five varieties of this cereal.

The initiative received great support from the Province of Brescia, one of the territories where Shebar was planted – in particular, Cigole. The project aimed at developing a chain in Lombardy to process einkorn wheat for obtaining foods (bread, baked goods and pasta) with high nutritional value.

Molino Piantoni participated in the initiative by establishing an active collaboration with Riccardo Geminati, a researcher at the Pianura Bresciana Foundation where some of the experiments were conducted.

Taking advantage of its long tradition and professionalism, it earned the official Shebar brand. An important recognition for the Mill of Chiari which confirms its great commitment and continuous passion for improvement.

The flours mixed with this wheat will soon be launched. A new pack will be designed for this product that is sure to become more common in Italian households.

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