Luce di Grano New 'light'
to "Anima di Grano"
Here is LUCE DI GRANO : the result of tradition, research and innovation, a new unique flour is born that further enhances the vital part of wheat

All the best of wheat in a flour

luce di grano 1
The taste, flavour, fragrance and essential characteristics of wheat come from its 'heart', the vital part of the grain: the wheat germ to which we wanted to give a new light, on the strength of the experience gained in recent years with our Anima di Grano product of excellence.
But we were not satisfied and worked on the basis of this project to obtain a new generation product, the result of research and innovation with the utmost respect for tradition.

This is how Luce di Grano was born, the new flour with wheat germ even richer in aroma, taste, flavour and all those nutritional qualities that make it a product of excellence.

luce di grano 2
Luce di grano is a type 0 flour with wheat germ: the fundamental part, the embryo from which the plant is born and grows.

Flour with wheat germ differs from the others in that, in addition to having a taste and aroma that takes us back to our origins, it contains the whole heart of the cereal. The dough obtained will be smooth, silky and will require more absorption, thus favouring better aeration and softness; THESE FEATURES will make it easier and smoother to roll out the dough itself, thus obtaining a final product that is well alveolated, fragrant and fragrant.


Unique flour made from carefully selected raw materials and strictly controlled production processes, typical of our milling art

Multiple uses

The dough is easy to work and can be used in the production of
bread, pizza, focaccia, pastries and other bakery products


The wheat germ contained in the flour makes it possible to offer genuine products with outstanding nutritional properties without sacrificing taste

Unique taste and flavour

By using Luce di Grano you will obtain products with inimitable taste and fragrance, quality and a unique aroma and flavour


Natural product, which has not undergone any treatment and contains no GMOs. In addition, the flour is rich in fibre and the resulting products will have greater digestibility