Happiness is made up of small things. A grain of wheat from which flour is born. A quality flour that, combined with yeast, water and salt and worked by skilful hands, can give life to something special.
And here happiness is dressed in taste, fragrance, pleasure, creativity and dreams realised for all pizza makers who work every day to create unique products.

Starting from that grain and thinking of the smile and dreams of pizza makers, Molino Piantoni has created this blend dedicated to pizza in pala. It is called La Nostrapala and was conceived in the Molino laboratories in collaboration with master pizza makers and professional friends with the aim of creating a dough that is particularly soft, crispy and characterised by high hydration.

“One word to describe this blend? Irresistible,’ says Antonio Cupo, consultant and technician for Molino Piantoni. ‘We worked on La Nostrapala to have a fragrant, light product that is faithful to tradition because the scent and aroma recall the wheat of yesteryear.
Objective achieved because the shovel and pan pizzas that are made using Molino Piantoni’s new blend are a true taste experience.

The mixture lends itself to different types of processing, from biga to autolysis. As hydration works well at 75 per cent and whatever the seasoning, the ‘crunch’ effect is guaranteed.
‘If, for example, you want to make a shovel with autolysis,’ Cupo continues, ‘my advice, with La Nostrapala, is to use autolysis with 60 per cent water, leaving it for a maximum of two hours. Then complete the dough with salt, yeast and water, perhaps adding 1% malt or honey‘.

With La Nostrapala, Molino Piantoni has written another chapter in the great book of its more than 100-year history. New pages to create and experience in the sign of taste and that touch of happiness that comes from a grain of wheat.

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