Perfumes and hints of exotic and faraway lands, high nutritional value, perfect balance between traditional quality and the taste for innovation. A perfect picture that has been given an important name: la Completa.
Molino Piantoni presents a flour mixture made with the collaboration of professional bakers, consisting of common wheat flour combined with a blend of flours from different cereals and legumes. An ensemble of evocative flavours that has no equal in the current bakery market.

A happy intuition

The idea to create a product of this type was born almost by chance, thinking of lands of the East and their taste for strong and intense flavours that warm the soul and light up the palate on cold desert nights. This spark, combined with Mediterranean tradition and all-Italian artistry has created a magical encounter and a product with a surprising ability to satisfy all tastes. Italian, but with a brand-new style.
This blend also responds to the new demands for wellness by Italians (and not only), who place great value on the origins of classic flour, which are all perceptible when making and kneading the dough.

Nutritional character

We gave always known that cereals are the main source of food for people all over the world, mainly due to their ability to release energy slowly, which keeps the body fuller for longer. Cereals are also rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fibre. We decided to add the starches, fibre and proteins of legumes to this base, which are rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

A new product for a changing world

The combination of cereals and legumes that forms the basis of Completa is typical of traditional cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.
This could be a potential substitute for animal protein at a historical time when – for health, ethical and other reasons – meat consumption is declining significantly compared to past decades.

Tradition and innovation, Italian quality and international quality, flavour and high nutritional properties: a mixture of many souls and suitable for the most diverse uses.
A unique feeling, for a truly complete experience.

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