IFS and BRC, Molino Piantoni’s new certifications

Posted on 1 December 2015


Molino Piantoni has recently obtained the IFS and BRC certifications for its products.  

This important achievement demonstrates the high level of professionalism and care that distinguishes all the production processes of this company from Brescia. 

The International Food Standard was created to satisfy the need to develop a unified quality assurance system valid for all food products for wholesale and retail distribution.

The IFS standards are audit standards accepted internationally, which guarantee that IFS certified companies are able to supply products or services in line with the specifications defined by their customers, with the aim of continuously improving the safety and quality of food (and non-food) products for consumers.


It is unified control system of the quality and safety systems applied at all levels of production in which food is processed.

The IFS Food certification, in particular, is applied to food transformation and processing, the processing of bulk products  and the activities performed during their initial packaging.

The BRC global standard for food safety is one of the operating tools used for due diligence (i.e. ability to demonstrate that all reasonable measures have been taken to prevent an accident or damage) and for selecting suppliers of the agri-food chain.  

This approach helps to reduce the overall costs of management of the supply chain and, at the same time, increase the level of safety for customers, suppliers and consumers.

Considered for some time now a necessary requirement for working in the sector, this standard also provides a good opportunity for demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety, quality and compliance with legislation governing the agri-food sector.

The BRC global standard for agri-food safety satisfies the criteria established by the Global Food Safety Initiative of the CIES . It is the standard accepted by the majority of retailers of agri-food products, in the same way as other sector-specific standards such as IFS, SQF and FSCC 22000.

These new, additional certifications, therefore, once again demonstrate that Molino Piantoni’s endeavours are marked by Italian quality and professionalism.

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