One of Molino Piantoni’s main missions is to spread the quality and traditions of its country all over the world, working every day with the enthusiasm and strength coming from more than one and a half centuries of history. For this reason, during May it will participate in a variety of different events to promote and highlight its products.

The event

The first event in May where Molino will be present is an important overseas event called A tutta pizza fest. This exhibition celebrates the art of pizza-making and will take place on 13 May 2018 at The Hollywood Palladium of Los Angeles, California. Conferences and meetings, guests from all over the world, cooking shows, workshops and of course pizza, and much more await visitors.


Different prominent guests from the contemporary pizza world.

Enzo Coccia, a Neapolitan pizza maker “with an identity, a brain and a soul”, as he likes to describe himself. His passion for this art came from working alongside his father, Antonio, in the family pizzeria. Years later, he opened Notizia, a traditional pizzeria that selects and uses only the highest quality ingredients from Campania.

Nancy Silverton, a chef with a chic style, has successfully brought Italian cuisine to her Osteria Mozza, understanding its true quantitative roots.

Tony Gemignani, 12-time world champion of pizza acrobatics and president of the World Pizza Champions, follows a precise motto: respect the craft. Author of The Pizza Bible, he manages his seven pizzerias located across the United States according to the idea that the pizza, if well made, is good everywhere.

Zach Pollack’s curiosity for cooking was born in Florence where he was studying architecture. Together with Steve Samson, he has been managing the Sotto in Los Angeles since 2011. He then opened Alimento and Cosa Buona, projects that enhance the spirit and expertise of Italian cuisine.

Daniele Uditi, originally from Naples, grew up in a farming environment, and decided to export the art of pizza-making to the United States. A true mission, carried out in her pizzeria called Pizzana, where she promotes and educates about the quality and originality of Italian products. “Neo-Neapolitan” pizza combines ingredients from Campania with produce from the farmers of Los Angeles.

These illustrious guests will be joined by the LA Times critic, Jonathan Gold, food editor Jenn Harris and the producer Phil Rosenthal.

An Italian trademark

The event was conceived in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Assocamerestero, as part of The extraordinary Italian Taste project: a unique signature mark for the Italian agrifood industry created a few years ago to promote our country around the world.

Molino Piantoni will be present with Sogno Toscano, importer and direct distributor of products made in Italy and particularly, Tuscany.

Another important occasion where we can unleash the scent of our flours, and celebrate the Italian spirit.

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