Let’s talk about einkorn: “A small wheat variety with a big future”

On 24 October in Cigole (BS), Molino Piantoni is organizing a conference to discuss the properties of einkorn flour.

Previously we spoke about the recent collaboration between the company from Chiari and the Ospedali Civili di Brescia, which involved the study of the nutritional properties of this variety of wheat.


Molino Piantoni is not just involved in experimentation with hospitals, but would also like to let everyone know all about the potential qualities of this ancient plant, which is currently being developed again to improve our daily diet.

Guests of honour at the conference will be: Claudia Piantoni, leader of the new project; Norberto Pogna (director of the CREA QCE organization of Rome) who will discuss the genetic aspects of einkorn wheat; Laura Gazza (researcher at CREA QCE of Rome) who will present its agronomic, technological and nutritional characteristics; Gianfranco Mamone (Food Science Institute, National Research Council “Einkorn wheat and celiac disease”; Barbara Zanini (Researcher at Brescia University) who will give a talk entitled “Einkorn wheat: an ancient cereal for new nutritional challenges”. 

On the same day many important guests will take the stage, presenting this “small plant with a big future” to all; a plant that has been cultivated since ancient times and which, with today’s knowledge and skills, is once again valued as a food of quality for our daily dietary needs.  

The conference will be opened by the Mayor of Cigole and moderated by Carlos Mac Adden, a freelance journalist.

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