Last summer, Molino Piantoni was the protagonist and promotor of an important event: three days of professional pizza training in Naples at the schools of the AVPN, the Association of the True Neapolitan Pizza. For years, this Association has been training pizzamakers and certifying which Italian products are in line with the tradition of the true Neapolitan pizza.

The special guests of these three training days included Master Pizzamaker who collaborated on different occasions with Molino Piantoni, and Fausto Valbusa, Quality Manager of Molino Piantoni, who taught the fundamental techniques, such as how to identify the basic information of each flour product (strength, resistance, rising time, doughs, etc.) He also explained how a flour mill works, from the arrival of the raw material to the distribution, passing through the production and laboratory analysis, illustrating also the various stages of flour production.

The AVPN Master provided pizzamakers with valuable and detailed knowledge on how to knead the dough and how to make a good pizza, while revealing some secrets of the authentic Neapolitan tradition.

Another special guest was the 00 MD “Red” flour created by Molino Piantoni, an AVPN-certified product that for years has enabled the Chiari mill to be one of the official suppliers of the Naples-based association.

The AVPN course, which has more than 20 participants, was an important opportunity to foster and share knowledge on the world of flour and pizza, not only from a practical point of view, but also technical, thanks to the valuable contribution of Molino Piantoni.

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