A lesson in ‘true Neapolitan pizza’ with Molino Piantoni and AVPN. The school is the True Neapolitan Pizza Association of Naples, which for years has been training pizza makers and certifying which Italian products are in line with the tradition of true Neapolitan pizza.
AVPN periodically organises basic and advanced courses for pizza makers who want to acquire the original technique of the true Neapolitan pizza.
A technique that passes through knowledge of tradition, tools and above all the raw materials to be used.
It is precisely for this reason that the Association has involved Molino Piantoni as a partner, which has been a member and official supplier of AVPN for many years with its MD ’00’ type pizza flour.

The course will last eight days and will involve pizza makers from various Italian cities and beyond. There are representatives from Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, France and England to demonstrate the international value of the True Neapolitan Pizza.

Protagonists of excellence will be Molino Piantoni’s professional flours for pizza, described and presented by Antonio Cupo, consultant and technician for Molino Piantoni.


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