One of the enduring key features of Molino Piantoni’s activities is innovation aimed at continually improving its products, a trend that is confirmed by the entry of the company from Brescia into the Flour Business Network.

In addition to Molino Piantoni, this business network also includes the firms of Laboratorio Vailati and Molino Bresciano.


The network requires that members identify within the market of Foods Destined for a Particular Diet (ADAP) a strategic resource on which to base the future developments of their companies.

The activity of research is primarily aimed at implementing new production lines for high quality flour types and developing new systems of analysis and control in order to ensure that, on a daily basis, the standards required by the sector are reached.

In this regard Molino Piantoni has implemented new technologies on its production line and has created specific laboratory analyses for both raw materials and the finished product. It has also set up a new “in field” diagnostic system to detect the allergens of greatest interest.

These are just some of the goals reached by Molino Piantoni that demonstrate the company’s constant commitment to achieving the highest levels of quality as well as more stringent safety and dietary health checks. Objectives that are now even easier to reach thanks to the network of qualified businesses, which have combined their resources and skills to improve the quality of all.

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