Bakery Flour

The quality of the simple things

The different types of flour mentioned above, are considered the basic flour for bread, pizza and cakes. For many years our Mill grinds each grain singularly, subdividing them for their physico-chemical characteristics and successively obtaining a good flour mixture. In fact, thanks to an innovative blending facility, our staff can get highly customized meal satisfying every client request.

Below the list of main flours for breading: click on the type of flour to display its technical sheet scheda tecnica.


0 / 00 Direct method, crafted bread
0 X / 00 X Direct method, crafted bread
0 XX / 00 XX Direct method, crafted bread, ciabatte
0 R / 00 R Direct method, biga “corta”, ciabatte
0 S / 00 S Biga, pane “soffiato”
 0 E /00 E Biga, biga lunga, pane “soffiato”
0 M Biga, biga lunga, pane “soffiato
0 Manitoba Biga lunga, pane “soffiato”



Format: 25 kg
Line: Pastry flour
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