Fragrances and scents of exotic and distant countries, high nutritional value, and an acute balance between traditional quality and a taste for innovation. A perfect picture, to which we have given an important name: La Completa.
Molino Piantoni presents a blend made with the collaboration of professionals, composed of soft wheat flours combined with a mix of flours from different cereals and legumes. A combination of suggestive flavours that has no equal in today’s bakery market.

A happy intuition

The idea of creating such a product came to life almost by chance, thinking of the lands of the Orient and their taste for strong, fiery flavours that warm the soul and ignite the palate on cold desert nights. This spark, combined with Mediterranean tradition and all-Italian craftsmanship, generated a magical encounter and gave birth to a product with an unsuspected capacity to conquer all palates. Italian, then, but with an entirely new style.
A winning blend also due to the new wellbeing demands of Italians (and not only), which does not forget the origins of classic flour, all of which can be perceived as it slips between the fingers, as it gives life to the dough.

The nutritional character

We have always known that cereals are the main source of nutrition for people all over the world, particularly for their ability to provide ‘slow-release’ energy, giving the body a prolonged sense of satiety. They are also specifically rich in carbohydrates, protein and fibre. To this base, we have added the starches, fibres and proteins of legumes, which are also rich in minerals and vitamins.

A new product for a changing world

The combination of cereals and legumes, the basis of Completa, is typical of traditional cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.
A result that represents a potential substitute for animal protein, in a historical and social period in which – for health, ethical or other reasons – meat consumption is undergoing decisive fluctuations compared to previous decades.
Tradition and innovation, Italianity and internationality, tastiness and strong nutritional properties: a mixture with many souls and suitable for the most diverse uses.
A unique emotion, for a truly complete experience.

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