• Natural products

    Nature gives us a unique and valuable product like wheat. To preserve all its characteristics, the raw materials are transformed by combining experience with age-old principles and traditions

  • Passion for tradition

    A wide range of products for making quality bread. Genuine ingredients and attention in the work process guarantee the finest flours to create mixtures and dough with a unique flavour

  • Quality and craftsmanship

    The company has been making its products with love since 1850, combining the age-old milling art with innovation and quality. A perfect blend of past and present, while keeping an eye on new demands and future challenges

  • Our love for pizza

    Thanks to the selected raw materials and our wide experience we have created a range of flour that is ideal for the production of a excellent pizza. Our professional flours are approved by the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association

  • Home-made dough

    We have created a line of flour excellent in quality and easy to use in making dough. It is suitable for everyday use, bringing the pleasure of the "Healthy tradition of flavours" to the tables of those who love genuine, healthy food


A flour line designed for professionals. Rigorous production processes ensure flour and semi-finished products for bread, pizza and pastries capable of meeting any processing need
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The careful selection of grains make the flour of this line easier to knead, and more suitable to use on a daily basis for making products with unrivalled aroma and fragrance
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Molino Piantoni has decided to implement the Quality Management in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Over the years, the company has obtained the IQNET and CISQ certificates
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